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This notice really should've been posted a long time ago, but: this community is temporarily on hiatus. (Sorry Matt XD)

While there is a good reason for why ZOD suddenly...stopped, I won't make excuses. I will say that this is not the end; I'm fiercely devoted to things I sign up on, and I never give up on something I've committed to until all of my options have been exhausted and I've tried my very best.

When I come back, we will begin the path to becoming one of the best - no, the best RP on all of Livejournal. And then, the world!

- Riku

Dec. 28th, 2007

Ya'll still here? Haven't been hearin' voices for a while, 'n Aizen's blamin' me. So could someone please say somethin'?
I'm not sure how many of you out there are in areas that celebrate it (or how many of you are even out there), but I do wish you all a pleasantly spooky night. All Hallow's Eve is, afterall, what you choose to make of it.

[[ooc: NiGHTS likes holidays. It's canon. >> Look, Christmas Nightmaren!]]


Don't need him. Can do this alone.

Fuck, my shoulder still hurts...

I don't suppose there's anyone else around here I'd be familiar with? Near? Ryuuzaki? Haven't been able to even track the damn brat down, where the hell is he hiding?

Fuck, I need a better jacket.

(Strikes are hackable))


So, anyone wanna try to take this Kyub off somehow? 'Cause it's gettin' to be a pain. I'm startin' to be used as some kinda test subject of everybody 'round Hueco Mundo. Whenever I go walkin' 'round, someone always catches me and starts sayin, "Hey Gin, hows it goin'? Did you get any visions today?"

So now I'm gonna try to get this thing off, it's real borin' anyway. Anyone got any bright ideas?

Oct. 21st, 2007

H-Hello? I am not sure if anyone is able to hear me, or if anyone exists at the moment, but I-I need assistance.

I touched a black mark on my ankle, and now the world is black. Through the silence and nothing I-I somehow feel as if, as if someone is out there.

Is anyone here? Does anyone know what is going on?


+ 002 +

Apparently we can communicate to other worlds with this... Kyub.

Anyone have any useful info?


...uh oh.

[ Yeah, that's about as far as he gets as far as thought process goes about now. |D ]


So we can be pretty sure this thing lets us talk to people from other worlds...
But has anybody tried moving between them? I'm pretty sure that either my world changed or its not the same world I was in after I got the damn kyub. So it might just be possible.