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››Zoned Out Dead is an rpg partly comprised of characters with varying backgrounds - players from different RPs can use this game as an excuse to 'recycle' their characters without overrunning their history in any other game. The excuse? Alternate dimensions.

The premise of the Zoned Out Dead is that characters find themselves torn from what was once their reality, and suddenly in possession of the mysterious black square reading "Kyub". With the Kyub they can traverse worlds (if they themselves are strong enough to withstand it) and speak to others in these realities. They can even leave media messages on an interconnecting network called "The Zone" (only accessed by users with a Kyub). The catch? They have little choice in the matter. When the character comes across the physical Kyub, it attaches itself painlessly but firmly into their skin, appearing similar to a tattooed square on the point of fusion. The Kyub allows constant access to The Zone, including occasional access to private moments when the wearer lets his or her guard down.

Kyubs are not invulnerable; they can be damaged, poor in quality, or fall off for no apparent reason. Kyubs may also target selected characters, causing strange mental, emotional, or physical effects and changes for brief periods of time. Eventually, living with the Kyub and access to The Zone becomes habitual, and even those who manage to find a way to detach themselves must remember that it readily becomes an addiction, and a Kyub is always ready to attach.

In the case of RPGs that focused on throwing characters out of their element (island or city-type games), characters find themselves back in their original home, with all of the history and memories of being at that place. This doesn't necessarily mean the people they remember and interacted with are one in the same, of course. Characters from the same world will come to realize that they may no longer be with the same people from their reality. The only possible explanation for the sudden shift is the Kyub.